MANTRA : Manufacturer of LV and MV Type-Tested Switchboards
1. Medium-Voltage (MV) Switchboard
     1.1 Fixed type up to 36 KV with VCB, SF6-CB, LBS or FLBS
     1.2 Draw-out type up to 36 KV with VCB, VCS, Isolator switch
     1.3 Licensed Product – Siemens Simoprime World
          (Medium-Voltage AIS Switchgear up to 17.5kV)
     1.4 Siemens Simoprime A4 (Medium-Voltage AIS Switchgear up to 24kV)
2. Low-Voltage (LV) Switchboard (up to IP65)
     2.1 Main Distribution Board up to 7400A, Form-4
     2.2 Motor Control Center, Fixed type up to 4000A Form-4
     2.3 Motor Control Center, Draw-Out Type up to 4000A Form-4
     2.4 Sub-distribution Panel, Floor and Wall-Mounted
     2.5 Control and Protection Panel (Swing Rack or Duplex Type)
     2.6 Marshalling Panel
     2.7 PLC Panel
     2.8 Load Center
     2.9 Transformer Housing
     2.10 Container Substation
     2.11 Unit Sub-station
     2.12 Synchronizing Panel
     2.13 Electrical House for RTG Crane
     2.14 Soft-Starter Panel
     2.15 Siemens Sivacon S8 (Low Voltage Switchgear)
     2.16 Siemens Sivacon S8 for Marine application
     2.17 VSD Panel
     2.18 Capacitor Panels
3. Bus Duct
4. Other Products and Services
     4.1 Cabinet rack 19”
     4.2 Metal parts
     4.3 Racks for Telecommunication System
     4.4 Control Desk
     4.5 Engineering and Commissioning Service